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The latest trend: Tiny cafes, coffee stands, & mini bars

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

These spaces really are tiny in the most charming of ways, aren't they? 

The minimalist house movement has been a trend in recent years. Many have been drawn to this downsizing movement in an effort to simplify their lives & live with less. At the same time, specialty coffee shops & roasters have been on the up & up. People want to support local businesses & want to be served a thoughtfully crafted cup of coffee.

Now: The marriage of the two. 

We talked through this a bit in our Kickstarter campaign. Two Mile Coffee Bar will take these two ideas and bring them together. It's going to feel rather cozy behind the counter. Because of our location - a free standing kiosk within the station itself - we'll function primarily as a "grab & go" amenity for commuters. Most will likely stroll in, hop to the line, grab their beverage, & be on their way. 

Having said that... Maybe you don't fit that mold. Maybe you aren't a commuter and you won't be on your way in to work. Maybe you are a stay at home parent from the neighborhood or will simply need a break to take a moment and caffeinate. Whatever the case - We'd love for you to stay and mingle with us. We won't have the traditional coffee shop seating with tables & chairs, but the station is spacious, well lit by large windows, & beautiful. There are some benches within the station which can be used and are in place for commuters waiting for their ride into the city. We also hope to bring in some limited bar seating to cozy up against the counter. 

This unique feature of Two Mile forces us to narrow our vision - to be very specific about what we want to accomplish within the space. It gives us the opportunity to do what we really want to do in a very thorough, careful way.

Renovations costs have a way of adding up quickly, which is why we are beyond thrilled to have met our goal. And while we are truly ecstatic re: our progress thus far, we are eager to stay active during the remainder of our campaign. Each additional pledge allows us to transform the space even more.

We have reviewed the space with a contractor and are beginning the building permit process. The priority is preparing the space for all electric & plumbing hook-ups needed to move all our equipment in. In addition to that, we are eager to give that kiosk a facial! Fresh paint on the walls, slick countertops put in, new light fixtures, some pieces of art & greenery to liven the place up, and more. We want nothing more than to give a fantastic neighborhood an appropriately fantastic coffee bar. 

We'll keep you in the loop. Cheers!


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