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Re: The Stage Crew

Updated: Feb 1, 2019




Defined (oh so eloquently) by Urban Dictionary as "those boss people who chill backstage and build stuff for plays." 

But honestly. This definition resonates with me.   

As a young girl, THESE were the people I loved watching the most at the theatre. I loved how stealthy and quiet their shadows were. I loved that their work was more like a dance - Everyone knew their place and moved in an odd, chaotic sort of synchronization. I loved the way they transformed the stage into something so different and new in a matter of minutes.   

So... Admittedly, I'm not mad that we seem to be operating as "the stage crew" at this point in time. We are working together and moving forward quickly to create something new. Much of what is happening cannot yet be seen, but everything we are doing is in preparation for when it's time to turn those spotlights on.   

Without further ado, here's what's going on behind the scenes:  

We officially have a signed lease and keys! The feeling of unlocking the gate to the space as business owners was something akin to walking through the front door of a house as home owners. We are so excited to pour into this business as well as the community.   

The majority of our equipment is ordered. Yes, that's right. All the high-grade machinery essential to delivering the promise of deliciousness to you. We can't wait to get our hands on it! 

We are meeting with contractors and finalizing quotes for renovations. Once finalized, the space will undergo construction to ensure that we have proper plumbing and electric capacities to support our operations. 

Our business license is pending on inspection. Once all our renovations are complete and our equipment is stored within the space, we can set up our inspection with the Health Department. When they give us the green light, our license will be processed and finalized! 

We are building our team and preparing for training. What we are doing is a craft. It must be studied and practiced. It is important to us that we set and maintain high standards. Intelligentsia offers a huge amount of support and training opportunities at their state of the art facilities, which we will take full advantage of as partners.  They also offer really wonderful resources for the public, which you can find here! You can learn about their direct trade policies, sign up for classes, browse their brew guides, and more. 

We do hope to be fully operational by this spring. As always, thank you for your continued support and patience.


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