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"...Now what?"

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

We've basically been hitting the ground & running (on repeat) for the past two months. 

And it's not about to stop. 

It's been incredible to see how many of you have reached out to us & shown an interest in this project. We have followers living on both coasts of the United States & sprinkled everywhere between, in Mexico hoping to start up coffee ventures of their own, & across the ocean in New Zealand. We appreciate each one of you.

We've written this entry for any of you who may be wondering "...Now what?" The short answer is SO, so much. But let's talk about it a bit. 

Top 10 Two Mile Happenings:

1. Our Kickstarter fundraising period is complete! After a complete flurry of a month, we reached a grand total of $11,341. Two Mile's opening has everything to do with the support of our loyal backers. It wouldn't be possible without you! 

2. We are hard at work & are eager to fulfill the rewards our backers pledged for! Very soon our living rooms will be transformed into mini warehouses full of Two Mile themed everything & surrounded by packaging, boxes, & holiday cards. 

3. Our equipment list with Intelligentsia is being finalized. We have top notch equipment selected & are itching to get our hands on it to create those delicious drinks we've been talking about so much.  

4. We are in the midst of the licensing & permit process necessary to begin renovations. This process can take time - but it is absolutely necessary & we are well on our way in it!  

5. Once this process is complete, we can get into that space and begin to recreate it! We don't want to spoil too much... So for now we'll just say this: That charming little spot we've already grown so fond of within the 95th Street Station is going to get a makeover. 

6. We're beginning to delve into what the day-to-day is going to look like once our doors open. How can we serve a high quality product while also delivering speed for our guests? How can we ensure consistency of that product from one day to the next? What can we do to make the interior of the station more welcoming for commuters and guests? We are committed to the answers of these questions. 

7. Recipes for our year round menu items are being tweaked & our first set of specialty seasonal drinks is being planned! We'll be releasing the names of those drinks in the next couple of weeks! They're going to be bomb. 

8. Planning for our Grand Opening (a.k.a. "Doors Open Day") has begun! We have some fun details in the mix & will have extended hours that day to allow for plenty to partake & mingle.  

9. Speaking of... Due to the intensity of the licensing & permit process, our date for that day has been pushed into the New Year - But not by much! We are continuing at full speed ahead & are setting January of 2019 as our loose opening date. 

10. Somehow - through all of this - We are still taking it in, working full time jobs, pouring into our families, spending time with our friends, and enjoying every bit of it. 

Till next time! As always, we'll keep you in the loop!

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