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To Val & Malik

As much as I don't love to admit it... I love predictability. 

Predictability, in my mind, has no negative connotations - Despite the fact that when I throw it into google, one of the first words to appear is "derogatory."

It doesn't have to be. We consider predictability to be the absence of spontaneity. But that is not what I associate it with.

When I think of predictability, I think of many things that I hold very dear. Parts of any given day that are so familiar they have become comforting. 

As a child, I would dive into bed and close my eyes in time to hear the sound of my father's moccasins sliding along the old carpeting as he walked down the hallway. 

In college, I enjoyed the unspoken rule that wherever you sit on the first day of class determines where you sit from there on out. And I was truly baffled by anyone who broke it. 

Now, I find peace knowing that - come morning - I can stumble into the kitchen to ready a cup of coffee while my brain is only partially functional. 

To me, the predictability of a person's day is something to be respected. 

I have been thinking a lot about this while spending time in the space over the last several weeks. So much is happening. Plumbing and electric are underway. Painting is nearly complete. New countertops are almost ready for installation. And - while bustling about behind the counter - we have the opportunity to witness a small part of so many people's day. 

Minutes before a train arrives, a small crowd gathers in the station. Each person in that crowd has a destination and a reason for why they take that train in particular. Maybe 95th St. Station is only the first leg of their daily commute to work, so they take an early train. Maybe it's a later train, because they need to allow time to bring their young ones to school before leaving. We met a woman named Val who takes an afternoon train each week to get to her voice lessons. A man named Malik who was on his way in from working the night shift at his job in the city.

Whatever the case: Soon we will be a part of each person's predictability. And that is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

To Val & Malik - two of the first of many wonderful souls to meet - thank you for allowing us to step into the routine of your day. You won't be disappointed. 

Till next time,

The Two Mile Crew

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